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Need Some Short Stories to Keep You Entertained? Look No Further!

Please enjoy these free short stories. Each short story has a PDF, ePub, and Kindle version to make it easier for viewing. I hope you enjoy.

**Please Note: If you are using the Kindle App for Android, you will have to move the downloaded file. If you look in the “My Files” section of your device, you can move it from the “Downloads” folder into the “Kindle” folder. I don’t own a Kindle, so I can’t test how it downloads on the Kindle device itself.**


The Old Woman and the ShoeThe Old Woman and the Shoe – The classic nursery rhyme retold in a short story form from the perspective of the old woman. I wrote this story from a prompt from my son. He thought I should pick a nursery rhyme to retell, and so I did.

Read now: PDF, ePub, Kindle (.mobi) or read on my blog here.




PandemicPandemic – A flash fiction exploring one nurse’s life being altered by a deadly contagion. I wrote this story as part of a writing prompt/challenge. The rules were to start each sentence with a letter of the alphabet in order, a to z. I had a great time writing this story and got a great response from those who read it, some wishing it was longer.

Read now: PDF, ePub, Kindle (.mobi) or read on my blog here.




PyrePyre – A short story exploring the everyday life of a hitwoman and the ups and downs such a life entails. I wrote this story from a writing prompt I received, an image of a hooded figure smoking while flames danced behind them.

Read now: PDF, ePub, Kindle (.mobi) or read on my blog here.




Not Even Elephants

Not Even Elephants – A flash fiction tale of one mother’s comedic struggles. This is my first story. I wrote it as part of a challenge to write under 500 words. I still remember the fear I had of sharing it with anyone. When people thought it was a true story (it’s not), it ended up being the push I needed to keep writing.

Read now: PDFePubKindle (.mobi) or read on my blog here.



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