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Coming Soon! Two New Novels!

I’m excited to announce my two upcoming novels. Tall Oaks Village: Final Exam is the first in a series of supernatural horrors. The story follows Lissa, a college student new to the area. Lissa moves into a cheap home to offset her costs of college and is soon questioning whether it was worth the savings. Lissa fights to keep her grades up, keep her job, and discover what horrors are terrorizing her in her new home. Will Lissa survive to see another school year or will she succumb to the horrors who share Tall Oaks Village with her?

My other novel is still untitled. I’m close to a title, but I don’t want to push it too soon. I’ll aim for cautious. As soon as I know, you’ll know. It’s a middle-grade supernatural story about a girl forever changed on an errand for milk. She’s drug into a mysterious world filled with danger with only her brother and the boy who dragged her into all this. Can she keep her brother safe? Will she ever play video games again? Can she live with what she’s had to do this far? I can’t wait to write book two for this series!

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